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Download Full Movie High School Musical 1 Movie

.. . Plot Billy Thomas (Billy Boyd) is a student at East High School who plays football, is captain of the basketball team, and is the son of the company president. He is a really nice guy but because he is somewhat of a nerd, he is often picked on and sometimes teased. Billy has an interest in computer programming and is a very good student, ranking in the top 10% of his class. One day while Billy is walking home from school, he hears a woman crying and thinks he is supposed to help her. She says she is Amy and asks Billy to help her. Amy is a really beautiful girl and is also very smart, but her parents have split up and her mother does not want her to go to East High. Billy is curious about Amy and to show his interest he takes her to his music appreciation class where she plays in the school band. Amy becomes good friends with Billy and tells him that she does not feel comfortable with any of her other friends at school, so Billy invites her to his house for dinner. Billy and Amy go to a party and end up kissing. Amy's parents are very upset that she is going out with Billy, but she tells them that she is doing it as a favor to him. Her mother warns her that Billy is not the right guy for her. Billy goes to Amy's house and Amy tells Billy that she and her parents are going to East High the following Monday. Billy has one last weekend to try to win Amy's heart, but he is busy helping his best friend Dean (Will Greenberg) organize a "White Party", which Billy does not approve of because it is just another party. As Amy and her family are leaving for East High, Billy asks her what she thought of his party and she says it was fun, even though she did not want to go. Billy decides to visit Amy on the bus, but she is not there so he sends a letter to her home asking her to stop by his house after school. Amy agrees to stop by and after school, she does not show up at Billy's house. Billy and Dean go on a party that Dean is organizing and while they are driving, they hear a radio report about a meteorite. Billy thinks it is going to destroy the city and they both decide to go to East High to warn the school. Billy leaves in his car while Dean gets on the school bus. As they are about to enter East High, Billy sees Amy driving by and they both

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